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sheet metal industry to improve the process equipment

vansamson sheet metal industry to improv 2016-01-19 09:19:49
Recently, China forging association deputy secretary-general JiJunHe revealed: , sheet metal production industry output value growth rate not less than 10%..But with peers than the United States, Japan, stamping, sheet metal industry in our country at present the technology and equipment is relatively backward, and informatization level is lower, the future to realize mass and personalized production, scale, still need to continue to improve and the use of advanced manufacturing technology, etc.
It is understood that at present some 4 m in stamping industry production enterprises, 2 million employees, annual production of 28 million tons of stamping parts, total sales of 400 billion yuan, annual consumption under 3 mm steelskin plank of more than 4000, ten thousand tons of procurement stamping mould cost 40 billion yuan, new stamping equipment costs 20 billion yuan.The sheet metal and making industry in our country there are 30000 enterprises, 1.8 million employees, annual production of about 42 million tons of sheet-metal part, total sales of 500 billion yuan.
The future direction: low carbon environmental protection and energy saving materials
Stamping, sheet metal production involves all aspects of the manufacturing industry, has a lot of wide range, shape and process differ in thousands ways.Ten years, along with our country to become the world's manufacturing center and consumption power, stamping, sheet metal industry as one of manufacturing base industry has achieved unprecedented development.
The American model: automatic production safe and reliable
In the contrast of stamping, sheet metal processing enterprises at home and abroad, JiJunHe chose the United States and Japan as a reference.Stamping, sheet metal enterprises of China and the United States the biggest difference is the different automation, informationization level.
First, the enterprises adopt the automatic production of closed loop control is more safe and reliable, easy to maintenance of the whole production line operation.Enterprise has its tooling mold maintenance workshop, mold or embedded with various sensors, installed on the application of these sensors can improve greatly the safety reliability of the whole production line.
Second, the stamping, sheet metal high safety consciousness of the enterprise.The presses are equipped with safety grating, when workers from the press recently, the pressure automatic stop, so as to ensure the safety of workers.
Again, the us has its own management information system.The materials supply by its raw material suppliers have a bar code, by scanning of put in storage, raw materials of all kinds of information will be automatically entered into the production database.With raw materials into the process, the various processing computer host automatically processing information into the database, and these information will always be attached to the final product.
In addition, although the scale of the enterprise is larger, but the product series is not very much, they all have regular purchaser, Delphi, ford, for example, production batch is their common characteristic.The business model is our direction for the future development of stamping, sheet metal business!
The Japanese model: process equipment
In general, Japanese stamping parts production specialization, high degree of automation, large scale of production, the products of high precision, humanized management, systematic, basically have mold development, design and processing capacity, and the common with its Japanese makers user came to China to set up factories.
Compared with the Japanese press professional enterprise, stamping professional enterprises in China enterprise