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China's manufacturing industry transformation is one of the biggest

vansamson sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-18 13:39:05
History shows that without a strong manufacturing industry, there is no country and nation is strong.In my opinion, the manufacturing is the embodiment of the comprehensive national strength, is also the only way for the construction of power.

Although now in our country is manufacturing power, it was not made, mainly reflected in three aspects: first, the independent innovation ability is not strong, the core technology of external dependency is higher, development of key parts and basic materials are relatively weak, largely dependent on imports;Secondly, the quality problems of manufacturing is more outstanding, we are still not calculated because less competitive quality problem has resulted in losses;Third, China's manufacturing industry still exist such problems as unreasonable industrial structure and international competitiveness is weak.
Manufacturing industry in our country at present the biggest challenge comes from the external development environment.Elements because of resources and environment carrying capacity and supply capacity is close to the limit, so in the past mainly by inputs and scale expansion of unsustainable development mode, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry has entered an important stage in our country.At the same time, after the international financial crisis, the developed countries to industrialization strategy, by reshaping unceasingly strengthens the high-end manufacturing advantages, developing countries will take the low cost strategy to undertake costs, take low-end market vigorously, before and after attack, we are faced with the serious situation of two-way extrusion.

In the challenge, of course, our country manufacturing industry also ushered in the development opportunity.In my opinion, global manufacturing industry is facing a new round of industrial revolution, China's manufacturing industry needs to seize the great opportunities within the scope of a new round of industry change, accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development, so as to promote the progress of industrialization and manufacturing powerhouse.The world's manufacturing change and our country manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the intersection, formed a new breakthrough in China's manufacturing industry.In this technology revolution, many emerging technologies, such as information technology, green manufacturing, new materials, and 3 d printing will create new categories and manufacturing areas, such as the Internet, the Internet of things, cloud computing and big data such as the depth of the information technology and manufacturing integration will help manufacturing form new formats and development mode.