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Pressing sheet metal industry transformation development is imminent(1)

vansamson sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-20 09:46:40
Three major bottleneck stamping sheet metal, the advanced model is worth using for reference
Ten years, along with our country to become the world's manufacturing center and consumption power, stamping, sheet metal industry as one of manufacturing base industry has achieved unprecedented development.According to luo hui, now some 4 m in stamping industry production enterprises, 2 million employees, annual production of 28 million tons of stamping parts, total sales of 400 billion yuan, annual consumption under 3 mm steelskin plank of more than 4000, ten thousand tons of procurement stamping mould cost 40 billion yuan, the new stamping equipment costs 20 billion yuan.The sheet metal and making industry in our country there are 30000 enterprises, 1.8 million employees, annual production of about 42 million tons of sheet-metal part, total sales of 500 billion yuan.But with peers than the United States, Japan, stamping, sheet metal industry in our country at present there are some problems, summarized as three points:
1, raw materials and related technology lag behind
Because the fastener, chains, springs, bearings, mold and other products used by the domestic steel quality is poor, less variety specification, directly affect the quality of stamping products.Mechanical components are generally in a batch, a large number of production, also have many varieties, high processing precision products, production technology and the equipment requirement is high, so the investment is big.Abroad with high efficiency and high precision machinery, flexible production line or lines, efficient automated production.But some basic thing in our country enterprise, subject to the limit of the capital, the investment is not large, enterprise ability to reinvent is poor, less does not form a complete set of advanced equipment, affect the product the quality grade.
2, low degree of specialization, not form scale and economic benefit is poor
Metal stamping parts compared to the host, the enterprise the work required to establish the initial capital technology is relatively small, has several economic development period, a group of private enterprises have mushroomed, but due to the market demand point, small batch, more not form scale economy.Most of the stamping parts processing enterprise itself instead of or conveniently small, low degree of specialization, equipment level is not high, quality is not stable, low economic benefits.Such as the motor industry in our country three big backbone enterprise of micro motor total amount is less than 50% foreign famous company.Nearly two years, our country local built thousands of stamping plant, but only a few annual output of more than 300000, the main products for agricultural machinery.While Germany rexroth company annual output of 1.3 million pieces of all kinds of stamping products, Japan's oil research (strain) and annual output of more than 600000.Mold enterprise industrial developed countries per capita output value of about $150000 to $200000, only 40000 ~ 50000 yuan in China.Luo hui pointed out that, in recent years, with many kinds of ownership develop together policy implementation, hardware industry is experiencing the process from scattered to gradually set intensive development.
3, insufficient capital investment, scientific research and development strength is weak
Stamping parts processing industry in the late 1970 s and early 80 s was earlier introduced a number of advanced foreign technology, but for digestion, absorption, lack sufficient hardware and software.According to foreign experience, the introduction of technology and the funds required for the digestion and absorption ratio is about 1:7, and our country to meet late, digestion, absorption, pace is slow.Competition in the market, in fact, technical strength.Abroad are of the utmost importance to this and are increasing investment, occupation technical commanding heights.Each big famous company for scientific research and development funds are 4% ~ 5% of its sales, key areas of 10%.At present our country although there are a number of institutions of higher learning in the scientific research work, a lot of theoretical research, scientific research achievements, patents, papers are quite high level, but not tight integration with the actual production, particularly slow to shift into commodities.Control equipment unsafe state of the need to strengthen the daily inspection of equipment (including checks on its safety devices), found that all kinds of hidden dangers and improve in time, and ensure the normal effective safety device.The equipment development department also should be replaced timely development, higher equipment safety performance.
Luo hui said, as the basis of manufacturing integral parts manufacturing, metal stamping, sheet metal processing industry in the future to achieve scale, mass and personalized production, still need to continue to improve and the use of advanced manufacturing technology, etc.
The American model: automatic production safe and reliable