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Domestic LED lighting how to open up the north American market (1)

vansamson sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-08 17:22:45
In 2015, the LED lighting industry under severe turbulence and change, integration, the price war, run into the annual hot words.And in the international market, because the domestic LED started earlier, not only on the manufacturing scale yong crown the world, and foreign technology level gap is narrowing, "the future of LED lighting will be China's brand" has become the consensus of many in the industry.
When this situation, many LED companies are actively "go out".Compared with Europe, Africa, southeast Asia and other markets, the north American market "seemingly open, actually closed," here are very sound trading system, judicial system, barriers to entry, really into the north American market LED enterprise is not much.
North America, however, in the global economic system has a high voice, not to conquer North America, and how to conquer the world to talk about?In view of this, please follow our steps, go to the mysteries of the north American market.
It is reported, lamps and lanterns exports amount to $33.16 billion in the third quarter of 2015 years ago, up 8.5% from a year earlier.At the same time, the LED lighting products are exported to present the following several characteristics:
1, the international famous brand OEM in China, and exported to the world;
2, large foreign supermarket in China OEM;
After 3, foreign trade companies, domestic purchasing export occupies certain proportion;
4, in the past two years the decrease in the number of export enterprises, but exports continued to grow.
And to predict the future 3-5 years, lighting products export trend will develop the following:
1, the traditional lighting products, mainly is the traditional electric light source products will gradually atrophic, LED lighting products will continue to grow, growth slows;
2, export lighting will continue to improve the quality of product, price decline will gradually narrow space;
3, production enterprises to export will become the mainstream, the form of foreign trade companies export will be shrinking;
Part 4, for local production as well as the difference between the import tariffs, lighting product parts exports will continue to grow;
5, in the future in addition to the alternative light sources, LED lamps and lanterns of exports will increase year by year.
Recently, in the lighting industry appeared a lot of platforms, from supply chain, OEM and marketing to the Internet +, etc., to name but a few.The emergence of these platforms, reflects the trend of the development of the industry means.Lighting product category is various, product line is broad, a construction often involves hundreds of thousands of specifications, types of products, only by the enterprise itself is difficult to meet these requirements, therefore, win-win cooperation has been the industry a "tradition".
In the past, made in China by labor-intensive dividend growth for the world's manufacturing power, but now China's manufacturing advantage decline, which LED to open a new door made in China.
LED industry, is one of the few can achieve full industrial chain from material to each link of lamps and lanterns localization of r&d and manufacturing industries, such as rare earth, power drive, sensors, chip, package, etc.In the future, LED the size of the effect will be extended to drive other electronic industrial localization, thus promote the transformation and upgrading, made in China will also be truly international domestic manufacturing of hope.
Right place, right time and to exploit the north American market has.So-called days, namely North America under the effect of the white LED lighting demand growth;So-called dili, that is, technology,