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The world's largest, highest voltage level of dry type transformer is developed

vansamson sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-11 16:09:43
Recently, led by shandong electric power equipment co., LTD. Research and development of "110 kv epoxy pouring dry type transformer" key technologies and research projects in wuhan through the acceptance.Previously, developed by the entity as SC10-20000/110 type three-phase integrated epoxy pouring dry type transformer test success at a time.
The transformers is the world's first largest capacity and voltage grade of the highest dry type transformer, has high safety performance, anti-short circuit ability, good insulation performance, impact resistance and other characteristics, and to avoid, no pollution, fire blast, good maintainability, adapt to the city power supply equipment without oil development process.The success of the product, further enrich the company product series.
The project is its Chinese headquarters in management science and technology project "energy efficient and environmentally friendly transformer key technology research and product development" one of the topics.The transformer because there was no similar insulation and mechanical strength of reference values, design difficulty greatly.Project research team to review again and again, reasoning, to overcome the structure design, the coil winding, the vacuum epoxy resin casting and so on many problems, to ensure the success of the product a test.