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Amazon launched its own brand chip To enter the semiconductor market

vansamson sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-12 12:52:20
On January 7, news, according to the Wall Street journal, amazon's broke his silence on Wednesday, a mysterious department released to other company that sells computer chips and related components.
Amazon last year's acquisition of Israeli company Annapurna Labs, said it is targeting design household devices (such as wi-fi routers, data storage and media equipment) of the customer.
Annapurna, said some of its technology has appeared in commercial products.The manufacturers of products including asustek, enterprise network solutions business Netgear Synology and network storage devices and solutions suppliers.Said the company, its products include authorized technology based on ARM chip.
It also says it is trying to solve a problem: a lot of household equipment in computing power and are subject to serious limitations on network function.Can be said to be its Alpine chip contains four processors, integration of a variety of network technology, thus can promote the performance of customers products.
January Amazon reportedly paid $350 million acquisition of Annapurna, have, according to people familiar with the online retailers will likely will Annapurna chip technology is applied to its Amazon Web Services cloud computing department related data center.
Amazon has halted after acquisition of hardware development company in the retail business, specially developed technology for its internal use.Kiva Systems, it is a good example.In 2012 for about $775 million for a warehouse robot developers Kiva Systems, amazon stop it to other retailers to sell products, which the original growing business from this end.
Therefore, Annapurna to sell products to other companies seems to be some is unusual.It is not clear in addition to the Alpine chip for amazon Annapurna whether there are other development plans.Amazon spokeswoman declined to comment on the relevant problem of the department.
Annapurna from chip design company in 2011 Galileo Technologies founder Avigdor willens (Avigdor Willenz) was created.In 2000, Galileo Technologies is Marvell Technology bought for $2.7 billion, a high price.