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Japan has illuminated guiding light: solar cells + + LED battery

vansmason sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-07 15:55:14
Japan's new energy and industrial technology development organization (NEDO) announced on November 25, launched the use of organic solar cells, self-supporting light-emitting device demonstration project.This is NEDO organic solar cells on the implementation of the empirical part of the project, the implementation of the subject is "organic solar cell technology research combination (only)".
Set place in saitama ze city, Japan NEDO signed an agreement with the city, and began to carry out the spontaneous light guiding light "E - SEG" empirical test.In jersey city air surrounding the park set up 49, as a guiding light emitting during sunset and sunrise, confirmation of durability performance in practical use environment.
E - SEG (Emergency self - emitting the guidance light device, Emergency illumination guiding light device) by the organic solar cells, LED, battery combination and become, as a guiding light to use in an Emergency.Because there are no wires, so there is no the restriction of the power supply and wiring, no special stages, can be set up low cost.The device developed by only.
Use of organic solar cells even in low sunlight and low light conditions can also power generation, can therefore set up E - SEG ranges.The empirical test of the set of solar panels is 150 mm in length and 1 m long luminous body of E - SEG.Through the empirical test to find out problems, to promote the practical application in the future.
Jersey city is put forward by "based on the block HuanBaoSuo ze idea", is devoted to the import of the renewable energy sources such as solar power.As part of the NEDO project, only with the signed and organic solar cells in the empirical test of related agreement.