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Transformation and upgrading of manufacturing: 3 d printing in China how to develop

vansamson sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-06 17:07:39
The 17th session of China international industry fair held in Shanghai, shows the 3 d printing technology progress in China.
3 d printing technology is reshaping the global manufacturing industry competition pattern, in the aerospace, geographic information, military, medical, artistic design and consumer electronics and other fields have nowhere to go.Overall technical level in our country, 3 d printing at the stage of transition model directly to parts manufacturing, also has the very big promotion space, need to strengthen the cooperative innovation, further promote the development of 3 d printing technology in China.
3 d printing institute in Beijing, zhao xin, deputy director of holding a human heart valve model of 3 d printing, telling reporters about a true story on the application of 3 d printing: according to the traditional heart valve replacement surgery, general is the patient doing after CT, according to the two-dimensional planar CT film, doctors all by the imagination, the floor plan in mind fold together, determine the location of the heart valve damage and needs surgery, to determine the patient's operation scheme.But once the incorrect judgment, patients suffer, also easy to cause the doctor-patient contradiction.Now with 3 d printing institute, a Beijing hospital to the patient's CT data provided to the institute, will soon be able to get 3 d printed heart valve according to medical data model, auxiliary diagnosis, doctors use it to improve the accuracy greatly.
The application of 3 d printing technology in our country is making great progress.
Quick to practical application
3 d printing is one of the realization of China's manufacturing industry to upgrade the core technology, but also opened up the business model of personalized products manufacturing
A few days ago, was held in Shanghai on the 17th China international industry fair, 3 d printing exhibits conspicuous.For example, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics exhibits is to use 3 d printing C919 Lord windshield window frame, the nose it is to use "coaxial powder" technology, printing with titanium alloy materials.In addition, China aerospace science and technology group co., LTD. Shanghai research institute of space technology with 3 d printing high-performance carbon fiber connectors and with 3 d printing aluminum alloy space inversion capture pole...
3 d printing, also called material manufacturing technology, is a kind of based on the digital model file, using the powder metal, plastic, etc can be adhesive material, to construct the object by means of step by step a print of rapid prototyping technology, the principle is to make a major breakthrough.The Chinese academy of engineering, director of the national engineering research center of rapid manufacturing bing-heng lu said that increasing material manufacture with traditional materials, such as manufacturing and reduction of material manufacturing, complement each other.From making way, casting welding basic constant weight in the manufacturing process, belong to "materials such as manufacturing," 3000 years of history.Can, with the invention of the motor car milling planer grinding machine tools, through to the material cutting removal to shape design, referred to as the "reduction of material manufacturing," 300 years of history.And represented by 3 d printing made "material", 1984, 1986, realize the prototype, only 30 years, is known as "the most revolutionary manufacturing technology in the 20th century".
In February 2015, led by the ministry of industry and information technology issued the national increase material manufacturing industry development to promote plan (2015-2016);In march, the state council premier li keqiang chaired a state council executive meeting, the deployment of accelerating the implementation of "made in China 2025".Add material manufacturing technology is one of the realization of China's manufacturing industry to upgrade the core technology.Follow the world trend of science and technology, China attaches great importance to and all-round development of 3 d printing technology, "hurry after" the advanced countries.
Bing-heng lu said academician, 3 d printing "hot today, create tomorrow.Manufacturing in the future will be "Internet + advanced manufacturing and modern service industry", roughly can present such a network service cloud platform: the need to collect - gen guest design, 3 d printing to verify design, virtual manufacturing, subcontracting production - Internet distribution.
Therefore, 3 d printing also shows a national innovation avenue.In popular entrepreneurship and innovation of contemporary, and have designed some of the products, there is no way to realize traditional manufacturing, or cost is very high.And 3 d printing from the technical, cost, fast extent can support, make it become a reality.3 d printing, as it were, opens the personalized products manufacturing business model.
Alternatives to traditional manufacturing needs time
3 d printing has begun to apply to small batch manufacture directly, but in the short term, will be hard to replace the traditional manufacturing industry, the two parallel fusion in a long time
The attention of 3 d printing is so high, at present, in China's manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of 3 d printing application?
The traditional reduction of material manufacturing is on the large size of the raw material after cutting, punching, drilling, and other links, conform to the requirements of the parts or products.Such as making a turbine, may need to use 300 kilograms of raw materials, made the final product, only 50 kilograms.Compared with material manufacture is additive, from scratch step by step a accumulation of raw materials, until they get the finished product.In this process, there is no manufacturing industrial waste, environmental protection very much.According to the calculation, 3 d printing material saving about 70% to 80%.In addition, 3 d printing on manufacturing mode also has obvious advantages.Traditional manufacturing is an assembly line in a mature for mass production and processing, and 3 d printing can realize the personalized customization and integration printing, omitted the assembly process.