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Japan made as hard as steel glass phone may never afraid of the fall

vansamson sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-05 13:30:22
At the university of Tokyo in Japan and Japan institute of synchrotron radiation accelerator research team cooperation, create a than many metal hard glass.
When the glass fell to the ground or the impact is not broken, this is very useful, from cars to skyscrapers, to smartphones and tablets, all need such a glass.To produce this glass, scientists need to find more than the traditional methods to optimize the producing method.One way is to join a large number of alumina in mixed material, previous studies have shown that the more solid than the traditional glass.
But this process will be such a problem - when adding more in the production of glass composite material of aluminum, with the mixture of the surface of the container produce oxidation silicon crystal, it's easy to let the final glass product value.
According to physicists organization network, Japanese researchers found a way around this paradoxical way - they removed from the production process of material containers.
Pneumatic suspension method is the key to the new production process.In the new glass production process, the researchers used oxygen drive hybrid material and make it below the stranded in the air, and then use a laser "shovel" will fully mixed materials.The end result is that you can add more than any other methods in glass aluminum, this new type of glass is transparent, colorless, extremely hard.Tests show that the new glass is hard than many metal, almost the same as steel.
Just think, if you use the phone's screen is the glass, you will never fear the screen broke.But now to mass production against the broken screen and difficulties, the team could not put new ways to scale, but they have confidence in commercialization as soon as possible.
Related research results published today in the journal science.