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Surface grinding machine the maintenance work of the different stages

vansamson sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-04 12:56:56
Surface grinding machine maintenance division of labor in the late before
Surface grinding machine mainly use grinding wheel rotating grinding work piece so that it can meet the requirements of planeness, according to the shape of the workbench can be divided into rectangular table and circular table two, main parameters of the rectangular table surface grinder for workbench width and length, the main parameters of surface grinding machine with rotary table for counter tops diameter.According to the different can be divided into horizontal spindle of axial and vertical grinding machine.The maintenance of the surface grinding machine are divided into different stages, the early and late, need to do different jobs in different stage, only the reasonable division of labor to be able to achieve the high surface grinding machine maintenance effect.
In the early
1, clean the cooling pump iron trough, accessories and water tank and check the coolant, clean and adjust the grinding head, grinding head strip;
2, clean the oil filter, disk, bed surface and guideway, hydraulic pump, pipeline, and oil;
3, check and adjust the pressure valve, the pressure of hydraulic handle and check the guide rail is flexible;
4, check the travel speed and guide feed conditions;
Five ministries, fastening screws;
The various parts of the six ministries, surface grinder, internal and external cleaning, filling grease.
In the late
1, grinding wheel spindle bearing clearance adjusting examination;
2, grinding the workbench mesa, the guide rail surfaces burr repairing;
3, check the oil pump and the pipe joint, check and adjust the feed screw nut clearance;
4, cleaning and surface grinding machine motor and electrical equipment.