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5 points to control the quality in sheet metal fabrication

Yummy Yao 2015-09-11 14:21:46
First point: bending sheet metal material must be in accordance with the requirements of drawing size, material thickness, etc. required to determine the bending tool, flutes, etc., to avoid product and tool collision and deformation. Also order bending is also very important, is usually the first in post, the first hours after the large, after the first special general. If you want to run over the edge of the workpiece, you should use the whole flat die.
The second point: the workpiece riveted, need to take into account the height of the stud, the press pressure, etc. In addition, the stud should be flush with the surface of the workpiece in order to avoid scrap and unusable.
The third point: Sheet Metal Processing welding, spot welding, hydrogen welding, carbon dioxide arc welding, manual arc welding and the like. When making spot welding, consider the welding position.
The fourth point: Sheet Metal Processing surface treatment, must be based on the actual situation choice, if cold processing, it is generally the first plating process, after phosphate treatment, and finally spraying. Its sprayed with manual and automatic points.
Fifth: When the sheet metal processing good, do not forget to visual inspection, including size, etc., once problems are detected must be repaired or scrapped directly addressed to ensure processing quality.