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How to choose good quality cabinet

Angelina Dong Original 2015-07-22 16:54:02
How to choose good quality cabinet
1, the type of cabinet: if you want to buy to put switches, routers, buy network cabinet, this cabinet go trough to do better.If buy placed the server, it is to buy service ware cabinet, this cabinet cooling effect will be better by comparison.
2, let us begin by identifying a cabinet is a very important international standards: U.1 u = 1.75 inches.Usually have 32 42 u u high.The height of the server and network products are also with U.So before buying, you have to calculate how big is your room space, then, to list all the equipment and put them inside the cabinet they complete measurements: height, length, width, weight.The total height of these devices will eventually decided to can put how many devices into the cabinet.Obviously, high rack can fit in more equipment, and more provinces.

The qualitative material:

Must be thick steel plate, steel plate, shop around, you hit with his fingers, which can feel thick which are thin.Have a cabinet internal stent to bulky, because can withstand greater pressure, which switches of what ah, don't look down upon a dozen together, a few heavy.

See spray paint, a qualified cabinet, all steel need spray paint, and paint must be uniform, such ability good rustproof, dustproof, etc.

Watch glass, the glass must be thick, also pay attention to the surrounding glass cracks, if there is a crack, means that there are hidden dangers, and pay attention to whether the tricky.

See accessories, due to the installation including network cable, telecommunication cable and power cable, need to purchase a hook band or toothed belt to effectively put the cable and orderly fixed inside the cabinet.If the cabinet with cable management module makes installing cable can be directly fixed on the vertical rail, is again good however.In either case, the inside of the cabinet on the wall and side wall there should be plenty of retaining ring (to protect the cable), can also through the cabinet bottom up, in order to go under the line.Some used to fixed frame of the screw, nut, etc, will be enough.Don't because of extension and fittings of trouble in the future.


The first consideration should be safety.Will perform a mission critical IT equipment into can be locked in the cabinet will make network administrators feel relaxed, IT also limits the number of people able to open the cabinet.

See the heat dissipation, estimate how big is your equipment calorific value, in general, the ark has two to four fan, fan is the more the better.Wall wall after fan should be installed in the cabinet, because most of the heat generated by the equipment at the back.In general, the large capacity cabinet cooling effect will be better.

See architecture layout, in general, baffle, and ventilation, some used to fixed the iron wire to package edge, prevent damage to the cable.

Universal feet, although the cabinet, generally put away, don't touch it, but occasionally will move, this time, it is useful, now a lot of cabinet feet are round, should choose to universal.