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Sheet metal factory production process

Angelina Dong Original 2015-07-17 14:48:37
Sheet metal factory production process

Sheet metal factory operations between departments and the general manufacturing enterprise is not too big difference, in this only to introduce the product in the workshop manufacturing process.

Usually, the sheet metal factory is the most important three steps shears, punching/cutting, folding.

One, the first is the blanking (also known as blanking) process.Field workers often according to the technical department to provide expansion plan, through the shearing machine get from shear on the large sheet parts material of suitable size.If press, clamp of the dead zone must be considered.After blanking, the workers with marker pen mark on the surface of each material materials issue.
Note: there are some factories without the processing steps, directly on the standard board layout, and then directly stamping/cutting processing.

Second, the material will then be sent to the CNC punching machine/cutting machine, punching/cutting process.In this process, need to be machined parts compiled NC (Numerical Control) code.Now most tools vendors will provide automatic programming software (domestic manufacturers are almost all such software companies with foreign cooperation, OEM sales, so they do not own software research and development team), thus bringing great programming engineers.Stamping/cutting programming engineers have to consider factors is plate utilization, cutting tool, the efficiency and accuracy.Stamping/cutting is completed, parts are removing micro connection, and then will be sent to the bending machine bending.

Three, in the bending process, the main consideration is the tool selection, the bending sequence, bending compensation, bending interference, etc.Usually have bent stochastic programming software sales, but most of domestic CNC bending machine or manual programming, too often rely on the experience of the Lao shifu, on the other hand, domestic manufacturing process requirements, there is still a gap relative to foreign, and efficiency has not improved, the performance of the CNC bending machine did not play to the extreme.

Four, in the end, according to the product, may be by welding, grinding, painting, assembly and packing process, in this is a narrative.