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How to identify defects of sheet metal cabinets processing

Yummy Yao 2015-07-17 13:31:36
Common defects on the surface of the Cabinet there is grass-roots dirt, heavy color, surface scratches, paint coating off, flow, exposed substrates, deposition of powder and so on, these are the current cabinet General defects in sheet metal processing.

1, scratch the surface causes more complex throughout the whole process of production, but can be broadly divided into two categories:
The scratches is a product produced in processing
Second, logistics in the production process have scratches.
2, coating loss primarily coating and substrate adhesion strength is not enough, the primary means of detection of adhesion test and cross cut test.
3, dew means no coating on the surface of the substrate, chiefly due to the leak Jet, large scratches.
4, inconsistent color seriously is the same color and color difference of more than 1.
5, primary debris refers to the surface treatment of substrate surface is not clean when defect, which is the main reason coating off.
6, much of the paint flow, deposition of powder, just paint flow is generated when painting, accumulated powder spray is produced, because the defects arising from spraying quantity is too large, too thick.