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Sheet metal processing: metal material performance and function

Yummy Yao 2015-07-14 12:57:55
The chemical properties of metals
Refers to the chemical properties of metal materials resistant to all kinds of corrosive chemical on it, including resistance to corrosion and oxidation resistance.
① chemical corrosion
Corrosion is the steel in the atmosphere, acid, alkali, salt, such as media contact surfaces are damaged.
Refers to the metal corrosion resistance ability to resist all kinds of media. Corrosion resistance of alloy is stronger than pure metals.
Common salt spray test corrosion resistance of metals to measure.
Antioxidant activity of II
Is the ability to resist oxidation of metallic materials. Strong antioxidant properties of metals can often generate a layer of oxide film on metal surface, which play a role in protecting metals.
3.1.4 the technological performance
① cold workability
Cold working is below the recrystallization temperature of the metal under plastic deformation processes. Cold, cold, cold extrusion, stamping, cutting and so on.
Cold processing refers to the metal's ability to meet these process.
② can be cast
The casting of steel refers to steel casting method can be used for qualified casting performance.
Castability include steel liquid, solidification shrinkage and the degree of segregation.
Liquidity refers to the ability of moulds for steel full, refers to the liquid steel solidification shrinkage, the degree of shrinkage, segregation refers to the steel solidification process, due to crystalline metal caused by the difference in chemical composition and microstructure inhomogeneity. Solidification phase zone is smaller, can be cast as possible.
③ malleability
Wrought alloy in pressure process, capable of changing shape without cracking performance. Include it under hot or cold hammer forging, rolling, drawing, extrusion processing. Malleability is mainly associated with the chemical composition of metal materials
About solderability
Refers to the metal under certain conditions, access to quality performance of welded joints