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Sheet metal processing industry analysis

Yummy Yao 2015-07-03 16:56:06
Sheet metal processing industry chain analysis

Sheet metal processing industry: the main raw materials for non-ferrous alloy plate and thin steel, non-ferrous metals and steel industry accounted for about 40% of the industry's total costs. In addition, the raw materials are processed into sheet metal products require forging machinery and die, so these four sectors for sheet metal processing industry upstream.

Due to the very wide field of application of sheet metal products, which includes almost all manufacturing and raw materials, mainly for the communications and electronics industry, automotive, motorcycle manufacturing, aerospace, instrumentation industry, household appliances industry, and so on. In General, all kinds of mechanical and electrical products of metal forming parts are mostly used sheet metal production, where, suitable for mass production of stamping process, CNC sheet metal processing for precision production.

Analysis of industry environment

Although China's sheet metal processing industry to the world, and many customers in the world occupies a certain share of the market, but technology and related enterprises in developed countries there is a gap, the key difference between technical service capacity is weak and unable to fully and timely meet customer needs. With increasing degree of internationalization of the industry, the industry's leading companies are realizing the gap between, and gradually established an integrated manufacturing system, this part of the enterprises in the technology gap compared with the related enterprises in developed countries has been significantly reduced. Technology industry includes two aspects: manufacturing technology and service expertise.

Sheet metal processing industry to provide products with many varieties, many lots, small batch and non-standard features and the features of high precision, so needed in the manufacturing process with a flexible production capacity, process design and precision manufacturing abilities.