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Three Advantages of International Robots' Development

Tony Guan Original 2015-06-26 16:03:07
    As the human resource cost is increasing, robot is the development direction of global manufacturing industry. Industry robot is the most important foundation in the sheet metal fabrication industry, in the nearest 3-5 years, rotot will share a larget market in China for china laser cutting service.

It is said that in 2013, china bought almost 20% robots of the whole world. it is also the first time to get over Japan. Date from Global Robots Association shows that in 2012 china bought 36560 robots, and Japan bought 26015 robots.

Although it is good for china sheet metal fabrication manufacturer to order robots, not every place owns the right conditions to set the robots. 

We should judge it from the following three points:

1. To check whether own good industry foundation, including research and development resource, industry resource, human rescource.
2. To check whether this place own large marketing radiation ability.
3. To check whether this place has raw material advantages, if yes, they will have cost advantages.