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Sheetmetal design and processing competition

Angelina Dong Original 2015-06-25 16:28:44
Suzhou Houdry mechanical and Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd

Have the courage to challenge, dare to innovation, challenge competition, who decides to lead the internationalization of the sheet metal industry in China gradually took to the stage, a greater degree of improve the sheet metal industry in the influence of the relevant industries in the world.We urgently hope that through this contest of sheet metal process planning and production, make sheet metal industry in the field of design and process improvements, to more sheet metal development and transformation of enterprise, to create a higher commercial value and the exchange opportunity.Therefore association on the second sheet metal process design and production competition. 
Entry requirements:
1.Works only metal mechanical parts, and give priority to with sheet metal pieces, size within 650 x650x350mm
2.Work must be your own design nor create the customers' products
3.Work no more than 15 kg, or points more than 20 kg visual is invalid
4.Involved in the process shall not for other design competition
5.Entries must provide: parts name, purpose, material, method, process description, process parameters and process diagram shows such as table entries range: all over the country competing object: unit, the design team and individual

Welcom to Houdry jioned in the sheetmetal design and processing competition.