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Houdry focus on to solve Sheet metal enterprises are faced with the problem

Angelina Dong Original 2015-06-26 16:26:02

Sheet metal enterprises are faced with the problem:

(1) the big enterprises are facing is a sheet metal order large quantities of orders can't finish.The reason is that big customer basic does not consider the withstanding capability of the enterprise, in order to facilitate their management, as far as possible will be distributed to several large sheet metal customized orders concentrated enterprise.

(2) the small and medium-sized enterprises is the problem of sheet metal orders instability.Reason is the customer's delivery time is shorter, because the number of equipment enterprise co., LTD., more orders cannot be completed, and unsaturated, fewer are faced by customers overdue fines and eventually be customer cancel the supplier qualification and be lack of order sheet metal enterprises.

(3) the shortage of professional management staff and technicians.The market is not a professional school or training institutions for training skilled workers and management personnel, the industry enterprise professional management and skilled workers, cause the equipment utilization rate is not high, sheet metal customized product quality is not guaranteed.

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