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The Factory Introduced a Large CNC Machine

Vicky 2022-07-22 17:34:16

Due to business needs, the factory introduced a large-scale CNC machine. The overall rigidity of this machine is cast with high-toughness high-grade Meehanna cast iron and annealed, which can effectively eliminate the internal stress of the material. After rough machining, it is annealed to completely eliminate 30% of the internal stress remaining after machining, ensuring the best accuracy stability and durability. The five major castings are all symmetrically designed to provide a stable and high-strength mechanical structure.
Why is it called a large CNC machine, because the CNC machine is 6000mm long, 3200mm wide, 1250mm high, very large in size, and the overall weight reaches 58000kg. The CNC machine uses the Fanuc 0i-MF1-PLUS controller, and the spindle speed reaches 6000rpm , The maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 25000kg, suitable for heavy and large sheet metal processing.