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Sotry of the Fast and The Furious 8

Kitty song 2017-04-19 15:55:38
Since 7 films over, fast and furious 8 is coming . The fast and the furious 8 is the speed and passion "eighth movie in a series, is issued by the American universal studios, directed by f. Gary gray, vin diesel, dawn Johnson, Jason statham, charlize theron co-star of action movies.The film tells the story of black tech-savvy saifu mysterious leng yan, lead to Dominic heart defect, directly make the coasters the story of the family in danger After watching this movie , i find all cars are drive so fast, it seems how fast is slow before. People all like this movie not because of the person also the section. We need to learn their sprite ,how to team work, how to trust your team work, no matter what happen family is the best and important !