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New standing desk made of HOUDRY

Kitty song 2017-02-22 14:18:43
Do you know DHOURY ? Of course you know a manufacturer of standing desk. Recently HOUDRY made a new product which can sit-stand work . This new product have below advantage
 1.Material : premium steel which weight is 41kg 
2.Surface treatment : powder coated and sand blasting color can be choice 
3.Screen use the APPLE LED touch 
4.Easy up and down
 5.when meet some ferry will quick stop
 6.OEM and ODM is welcome Now sit-stand desk can help you and solve much more problem, it can remind it is too long time work you must stand up and have a exercise . When you feel tired you can sit down continue work . That is will be a good choice for students , worker, teachers,especially for teachers, they need standing desk , every exam they have lots of wok to do , then electric adjustable desk help . Just remember HOUDRY he can help you solve all questions. Sit-stand desk will popular all over the world soon , what are you waiting for just get it earlier more healthy you have !