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Advantage of the HDR-A6 standing desk

Jack Li 2017-02-27 09:03:00
We all know standing desk however you do not know the advantage of it Below is the HOUDRY’S standing desk advantage you will like it Advantage : 1.Material: A6 use Premium Steel. (Net weight 41kg)
 2. Surface treatment: Powder coating( gray color) and Sand blasting( White,black) 
3. Lift range: 640-1290mm,frame range: 1100-1600mm
 4. Touch screen memory handset,Apple LCD
 5. Run into abstacles will stop 
6. Aluminum controller box with wide voltage: 90-230V 
7. Super quiet ≤ 35DB (Industry average is 55DB)
 8. Limit switch inside 
9. Unique packing method,the safest and the most expensive in China.