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Automatic stamping production line

Angelina Dong original 2015-08-28 10:57:25
Automatic stamping production line
Determine the feed speed of feed speed is an important parameter in numerical control machine tool cutting dosage, mainly according to the requirements of the parts machining accuracy and surface roughness, and selection of cutting tool, workpiece material properties.Largest feed speed limited by the stiffness of machine tool and limits the performance of feed system.To determine the feed speed principle: when the workpiece quality requirements can be guaranteed, in order to improve the production efficiency, can choose high feed rate.Is in commonly 100  ̄ 200 mm/min range selection;In cutting, machining deep hole or use the high speed steel cutter, should choose low feed rate, the general selection within 20  ̄ 50 mm/min;When machining accuracy, surface roughness requirements, feed rate should fall, general selection within 20  ̄ 50 mm/min;Tool empty trip, especially when back to zero at a distance, can set set the highest feed speed of the machine tool numerical control system.