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The reasons and solutions of stainless steel processing difficulties

Angelina Dong original 2015-08-26 17:12:03
The majority of stainless steel processing factories have unanimously agree: stainless steel processing.

In fact, the reason is the following:
1: processing hardness in tool wear faster, and it is difficult to chip removal.
2: cutting machine blade of the plastic deformation due to low thermal conductivity and the tool wear faster.
3: easy to cause the devolop tumor badge small cuttings on cutting machine blade, and lead to bad machining surface.
4: chemical relationship between cutter and processed materials caused by work hardening and processed materials of low thermal conductivity, not only easy to cause the unusual wear and tear, and the cutting tool collapse edge and abnormal rupture.

More than the existing processing problem solution is as follows:
A: with high heat conductivity of knives,
B: a sharp cutting edge line: chip breaker groove with wide blade, can reduce the cutting pressure, so it can well control chip removal.
C: the best cutting condition: no suitable processing conditions can reduce the service life of cutting tools.
D: select the appropriate cutting tools: stainless steel with a cutting tool should have excellent toughness, strength of cutting edge and the adhesion strength of the coating film is high.