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Mold production to develop in the direction of informatization has become the industry consensus

vansmason sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2015-12-30 10:31:01
With the improvement of die design and the level of processing industry, the mould manufacturing are rely mainly on fitter skill from the past into relies mainly on the technology.This is not only the means of production shift, also change the way of production and the raising of the concept.This trend makes the standardization of mould level enhances unceasingly, the precision is higher and higher, shorter production cycle and bench scale more and more low, finally promote the mold industry overall level enhances unceasingly.

In the mold quality, delivery cycle, price, service in the four elements, has been more and more users will delivery cycle in the first place.Mould company as soon as possible delivery, it has become a trend.Every one thousand enterprises to improve their ability to adapt and improve the technical level, improve the level of equipment, improve the management level and efficiency is to shorten the mold production cycle.

We need to greatly improve the development ability, will develop the work to push as far as possible, until the intervention to mold the user's product development, even before there is no clear user object for development, change passive to active.At present, the TV and display shell, shell air conditioner, motorcycle parts, etc, this method has been adopted mobile and telephone mould development have also started to try.This practice has broken for a long time, mould factory have to wait for the contract, can according to user requirements for mold design of the passive situation.

China's mold industry currently has more than 10 national high and new technology enterprise, some 200 provincial high-tech enterprises.Adapted to this trend, the main backbone of the mould from art is gradually transforms the talent and technology talents.Current and, of course, quite a long time, skill talented person still is very important, because the mould is difficult to get rid of art rely on, after all.

Mould and mould manufacture is developing rapidly in the informationization.In the information society, as a high level of modern mould enterprises, only the application of CAD/CAM has gone far enough.At present, many enterprises have been adopted by CAE, the CAT, PDM, CAPP, KBE, KBS, RE, technology and other advanced manufacturing technology such as CIMS, ERP and virtual network technology and so on, these are all the information, to develop in the direction of informatization of this trend has become the industry consensus.