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Advanced casting power power jack

vnamsaon sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2015-12-29 11:12:41
Along with our country economy enters the new normal, casting industry by years of rapid development into the low stage of development, is expected to casting production in China during the "twelfth five-year average annual growth rate will be around 3%, about 7% lower than the period of" 11th five-year plan ".During this period, some people say "cold winter here!", however, more and more people in casting said, "is that we change the time here!".
Has experienced more than ten years, the rapid development of China foundry is not only to expand the production capacity, but also strong bones and muscles, to welcome the new round of transformation and upgrading of accumulated abundant strength.Today's China casting, further improve our capacity for independent innovation, product quality improved steadily.
In the field of cast iron, silicon strengthening ferrite ductile iron pieces in development and application of a breakthrough, to fill the domestic blank;Vermicular iron production control technology to further improve, to ensure the high stability, high creep rate;Isothermal austempering ductile iron (ADI) application in auto steady progress;Applicable to 40 degrees below zero, 50 degrees low temperature ferritic ductile iron batch production, make our country low temperature ferritic ductile iron technology reached the international leading level.In the field of steel, refining outside the furnace technology is widely used, the environmental protection such as ester hardening, bonnie resin adhesive is widely used.In the field of non-ferrous alloy casting, large-scale, high precision die casting and mold independent development ability raise;Key, key, thin wall and complex structure of nonferrous alloy casting production technology mature, stable production capacity;Semi-solid casting, vacuum die casting, extrusion casting technology application has become increasingly mature.In the field of revestment precision casting, efficient equipment and other auxiliary equipment production technology and application level gradually increase;Rapid prototyping, quick drying adhesive application of the new technology, new material such as casting delivery time;Traditional surface, back layer refractory substitutes the development and application of mature;Filling wax, water soluble wax, complex ceramic cores, the application of vacuum casting technology promote the development of China's high-end casting...
Today's China, has been in nuclear power, hydropower, aviation, aerospace, automotive, rail transportation and other industrial areas, forming a batch of high quality level of scale, specialization of foundry enterprises.Only foreigners can do the casting in the past, we can do today, and foreigners can't do the casting, we can do today.Low-end and cheap is no longer synonymous with casting in China, China foundry is cast by casting powers to power forward steadily.
On the 14th China international casting fair, on behalf of the Chinese leading enterprise will be stirring casting strength of casting, they show is not only a product, is the China foundry confidence and elegant demeanour, guide the transformation and upgrading of China foundry to casting powers.