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Aluminum alloy doors and Windows market development prospects are analysed

vansamson 2015-12-28 14:16:35
Aluminum doors and Windows industry of our country has a prominent change, namely, from the quantitative to qualitative changes have begun to evolution and development of new varieties, new type under the condition of market economy, the overall rapid economic development of our country, people can not meet dozens years 70, 90, and other old series products, demands high grade type multifunctional window, not only for air tightness, water tightness, high resistance to wind pressure requirements, but also for heat insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, shockproof, and fire prevention has the new requirements This requires enterprises to introduce the foreign advanced type or to develop their own new energy-saving window type.
At present, the doors and Windows of the urban construction market demand has reached about 120 million m2, triple than in 1978, our country has become the most populous country, building doors and Windows production market potential is tremendous.National work conference on building energy efficiency according to the national energy saving regulations formulated the building energy conservation planning, "five-year" plan and 2010 identified to achieve building energy efficiency of the ninth five-year plan's target of 50%, as a new building energy efficiency standards in our country gradually, in the great cities of the energy-saving Windows and doors market in China will continue to increase.The demand of the market continued to expand.
China's aluminum alloy doors and Windows hardware locks enterprises small in scale, locks bibcock enterprise is not much, not good impetus to the development of lock industry, China's low entry barriers, the locks lock their own lack of brand consciousness, does not pay attention to the establishment of the brand, some enterprises just cottage industry, funds, manpower, technology, management factors restricting its development, such as lack of awareness of the brand is.Locks enterprises should strengthen the brand construction, the promotion locks the competitiveness of enterprises, standardize the market for locks.
Quickly in recent years, China's aluminum industry development, formed the formal system of industry, enterprise products, sales, service, technology class had the very big enhancement, and has a considerable strength, has been able to meet the needs of the subject in our country residence.Especially during the tenth five-year plan, the industry development has been on a new step: exports is the largest, the world's first production, in 2006, for example, the national aluminum processing and production of 8.1478 million tons, including aluminum profile of 4 million tons, exports of 680500 tons;Equipment constantly improve, constantly improve the technology, large and medium-sized enterprises of the production technology level has reached a more advanced level, some technology has huge the world advanced level.
Now on the color appearance of window of aluminium alloy door, romantic champagne, color wood grain coating has become the mainstream of the market, secondly aluminum composite wood also gradually become a lot of fashion people in the household preferences, different category appeal to different customer groups, for aluminum alloy doors and Windows to enhance the competition in the market.