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Sheet metal cabinet parts inspection standards

Yummy Yao 2015-07-09 18:20:12
Sheet metal cabinet requirements process is different from the material, the design requirements, sheet steel outside specially designated, are made of high quality 20# cold-rolled steel plate, hot-rolled steel sheet is not allowed, material substitution agreement technician is required. Following are the key points for reference only:

1. end note bending angle tolerance is 1.

2. the note at the end part of the shape and position tolerances, straightness, flatness accuracy required by GB1184-80 of the c-class tests (including all contours and plane).

3. deformation of sheet metal machining process, should be adjusted after the straight.

4. replacement parts according to drawing the correct processing. All edges, edges and corners shall abate, Burr, Burr height of 0.2mm, in principle, not rowers as the criteria.

5. Press (up) to rivet nuts and screws are required (rose) rivet firmly screw nut fixing torque standard test as required, there must be no loosening. Part protection during the spraying process threads, for plating coating process causing the jam should now be tapped for reconstruction. Screw hole should be no sliding, breaking the thread, smooth screwing and tightness of the screws should be moderate.

6. solid material shall conform to the standards or the selection of designs. Screws, bolts, nuts, flat washers, elastic pad surface treatment should be consistent with the drawings. Screw off the thread, smooth screwing and tightness of the screws should be moderate.

7. door lock switch flexible handle and lock cannot have hurt.

8. all conductive parts are in GB5585-85 provides copper Busbar series or made of pure copper, plated coating made according to the drawings. Need to bend, bend should be annealed before, and the bend radius should be larger than the sheet thickness, so as not to damage the internal organization and cracking. Fasten the contact surfaces of the joints require leveling.
9. the insulation according to the drawing selection of insulation material, epoxy or epoxy bar should be immersed insulating varnishes, drying processes. Assembly of cabinets plus or minus-level resistance the insulation value of the copper line rack 100M (at ambient temperature of 25 c-2 c), relative humidity is 90%. When the voltage is 500V DC).

10. parts where there is spraying protection requirements cannot be covered with paint or powder, ensure Earth continuity between the contact resistance of less than 0.1 ohm (current 25-30A)