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Surface treatment of sheet metal

Yummy Yao 2015-07-02 17:58:20
Do you know what are the common surface treatment of sheet metal?

1. Zinc plating. Coated with zinc on metal,alloys and other material surface to make it more beauty and rusty.

2. Power coating.Powder spray is with spray powder equipment (electrostatic spray plastic machine) put powder paint spray to artifacts of surface, in electrostatic role Xia, powder will uniform of adsorption Yu artifacts surface, formed powder of coating; powder coating after high temperature baking flow flat curing, into effect different (powder paint of different type effect) of eventually coating; powder spray is metal has better of mechanical strength, and adhesion, and resistance corrosion, and resistance aging.

3.Anodizing.Aluminium and its alloys in the electrolyte and specific conditions, dueto the charging current under the action of aluminum (anode) of a layerof oxide film formed on the process.Overcoming the surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloydefects such as, expanding the scope of application, extend service life.

4.Painting. Faux paint, lead nitrate h-HPC, made of resin, pigments, solvents and other. Usually using an airbrush spray evenly over the surface, resistantto water, oil, and dried quickly.