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Recruit sheetmetal process engineers

Angelina Dong Original 2015-06-29 16:28:41
According to company development need,Now hiring for 3 sheetmetal process engineers.requires five-plus years of related experience.

The Job decription

Job duties: responsible for the sheet metal processing and welding technological process, process layout design and improvement;2, responsible for the design of process equipment improvement and appraisal review;3, pay attention to the implementation of the production process continuously improve progress, cost and effect for a complete description of qualifications: familiar with national and industrial technical standard and the development trend of sheet metal processing industry, familiar with conventional processing equipment and numerical control equipment performance and can carry on the processing technology of guidance.2, 6 years work experience in sheet metal processing complete sets of switch equipment industry.3, proficient in sheet metal processing, welding process, the assembly process and production process;Familiar with complete switch equipment structure and process, has the capability of independent design of jigs and fixtures.

Company introduction

Under the leadership of the chief engineer, responsible for the company's technology and process management work, seriously implement the national technical guidelines, policies and the relevant provisions of the company.To make technology work in the near future and long-term development planning, and formulate technical organization measures.
2, preparation of product process documents, make the material consumption process ration;According to the process need, design process equipment and is responsible for the process tooling verification and improve their work;Design company, workshop process arrangement plan.
3, process engineering to further production site, the quality control;To guide and supervise the workshop a line production in a timely manner to solve technical problems occurred in production, do a good job of the technology service.
4, responsible for new product drawings, sign and new product batch manufacture process equipment design, perfect the test reports and related technology information, participate in new product appraisal work.