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high quality laser cutting sheet metal parts

high quality laser cutting sheet metal parts

  • All kinds of metal materials available,include steel,aluminum,copper,brass,stainless steel etc.
  • Completely equipments include cutting,bending,stamping,CNC,welding etc.
  • Various surface treatment support such as power coating,anodizing,polishing,plating etc.
  • Strict quality control system,IQC,IPQC,OQC etc.

What can Houdry do?

>>We have professional technical team,can help you with product design.

>>Our production involves the CNC machining and sheet metal,welding,

laser cutting,wire cutting,deep drawing etc.can help you with complex

processing products.

>>Stable support for heat treatment and various surface treatment to 

meet customer s overall requirements.

>>High quality and accuracy lead time

How we ensure the quality?


>>Once the order release,technology department will study the whole 

processing and attention according to customers requirements,and make 

the QC schedule,SIP,improve the decompose drawings of each process,

call all department together to emphasis each process control point.


>>Quality control inspecting during all the production from raw material 

purchasing,production,surface treatment and package,so they can amend 

in time once issue happened.

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