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Why people like riding and standing work

Kitty song 2017-03-22 15:56:29
Normally people like riding to keep more health. We all know when we work all day and sit almost 7-10 hours or more like some IT technicist .To away from the disease and backache they need to do more exercise. Anyway sometimes they do not have time how to keep health and also work on time. A big question for us to consider , some people said may we can riding bikes to work good idea ,then how all people ride work and where to parking, yeah , how to parking , USA IT company think why do not choice bike rack to park bike and also make the city clean. That's true also good idea , some one also suggestion i think standing desk is also can help when we sit- work and stand work .You can do exercise and working at the same time. Yeah yeah yeah , it is also a good advice we can use both to keep health, haha that's why bike rack and standing desk is popular now , for health let's riding bike , for health let's standing work !