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HDR-A6 details about the standing desk

Kitty song 2017-05-18 16:46:40
Frame width (adjustable): 43.31" - 63" (110cm - 160cm)
 Frame height: 25.19" - 50.78" (64cm - 129cm)
 Supports up to 265lbs (120kg) of weight Width is adjusted by telescopic mechanism Height is adjusted by quiet electric motor Powerful, yet quiet electric motor lifts the desk to any height you want for maximum health and productivity. 
Handset controls allow for 2 different heights to be programmed - press the up or down preset button and the desk will raise or lower to YOUR customized height,M1 &M2 can set the height you like do not need to press the up or down all the time. Select a table top option, or order the frame only, or use your own table top. 
NOTE: The adjustable nature of this frame means that a wide variety of table top options can be mounted to this frame or you may provide your own custom-made or pre-existing table top