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A famous marketing consultant Chen Dihao in Shanghai

Kitty song 2017-04-10 14:35:16
09th April 2017 a famous man Chen Dihao is in Shanghai to share us a lesson.He teach us how to communicate with the customer and also your friends. We all know that people are live in a big word we need to chat and speak with different we need to know what they think.After know them heart may we can easy to be their friends,Chen Dihao is a genius he can know exactly know the people thought. Then take an action and let them to buy your products. For example if you sold standing desk , What do you sold this desk to another who really do not need, The best way for you is to figure out if they really want to buy, let them know the result the benefit they can get if they buy. Result for them actually is good for your health, help you lose fit, help you keep doing exercise even in work. After they heard this customer will buy without any reason. Just do it and become a good person !