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In 2016 China's shipbuilding market outlook analysis

vansamson sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-21 10:22:34
According to the ministry "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, the global demand for new ships average between 80 million and 90 million deadweight tons, demand is still weak, and in China's shipbuilding capacity is about 80 million ton, this also means that only China's domestic shipbuilding capacity is sufficient to meet the needs of the world.More details, is below small make up of 2016 China's shipbuilding market outlook analysis:
China shipbuilding industry association statistics, 1 - October, China undertake new ship orders 20.38 million deadweight tons, fell 62.1% year on year.Handheld ship the order by the end of October this year, 132.01 million deadweight tons, fell 14% year on year, down 11.6% at the end of 2014.In 2015 China's shipbuilding completions expected within 40 million deadweight tons, less than half of the actual capacity.
Excess production capacity, order down, more and more severe situation that the shipbuilding industry in 2015, a rare failures.In March 2015, taizhou Oriental heavy industry's largest private shipbuilding enterprises apply to the court for bankruptcy reorganization;In April, wenzhou biggest shipbuilding enterprises declared bankruptcy reorganization judger ship industry.In may, with shipbuilding apply to the court for bankruptcy reorganization;Also in May, is known as the shipbuilding enterprises of jiangsu technology strongest mingde for restructuring fails, declared bankruptcy liquidation.
Enter the second half, yangzhou dayang shipyard, fujian crown sea shipyard, Jiang Xijiang state shipbuilding yard for was in financial trouble, unpaid wages of workers unpaid storm erupted round round.China's largest private yards rongsheng heavy industries is no production shutdown, into a "zombie" companies.Of jiangsu sainty ship is already listed in the a-share market in A tough position.
A private shipbuilding enterprise manager said: many shipbuilding enterprises in order to maintain the stability of starts and personnel, small profit, no profit or even loss orders and shipbuilding.Even so, the ship companies also want to face the harsh terms of payment, need to be paid a lot of money shipbuilding, without strong financial support, the order will take effect, can become effective after the time limit for a project that is unknown.
The plight of the shipbuilding industry of shipping market downturn for a long time.Integrated the Baltic dry freight index (BDI) on November 20, fell to 498 points, hitting the lowest since the index was born.In May 2008, once reached the highest 11793 points.
BDI record low in 2015 is the background of the international commodity market demand side purchasing power is weak.Year-to-date, crude oil, iron ore, coking coal, copper, aluminum, zinc and other commodities have fallen sharply.Crude oil briefly fell below $40, copper is close to the lowest in six years.
Shanghai international port (group) co., LTD., vice President of Fang Huaijin said to the media, including container ships and bulk carrier, most routes in Shanghai freight rate low to unbelievable extent recently.Together with new orders in recent years for the ship is artificially high, now for the shipbuilding industry is relatively serious, especially the demand for bulk carriers will decline further.
In 2015, according to data clarkson bulk carrier of new orders have been significantly reduced by 80%.
China shipbuilding industry corporation, director of the institute DiQiYiSi Li Yanqing said that 2015 years ago by new orders fell sharply in the third quarter, the main reason lies in the bulk carrier new orders fell.For the bulk carrier as the main products of China shipbuilding industry especially hard.He thinks, for domestic shipyard don't get the order, more convenient way of transformation is to produce a container ship.
China shipbuilding industry association secretary-general jinpeng also thinks, China shipbuilding industry structural overcapacity is still outstanding."At present, China's shipbuilding capacity of more than 60% focused on bulk carriers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) ships, ultra large container ship and Marine engineering equipment such as high-end orders are far worse than South Korea."
As to the future of shipbuilding market, international independent tanker owners association, deputy director JosephJ. Angelo on maritime convention, said the market has hit bottom, there should be no worse.
The shipping industry of arctic securities analysts' views were more pessimistic, he thought the shipbuilding market will down further.Shipyard, analysts say the current global excess capacity still, and the goods transport demand is declining in the past 12 months.There is no doubt that the future will be more and more shipyard in crisis.This will lead to new ship cost continues to fall, because the competition between the shipyard has not only for profit is in order to survive.