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Sheet metal cabinet bending techniques

Yummy Yao 2015-07-13 15:44:22

Sheet metal cabinet quality is good or bad, depends on the use of advancedequipment, but depends on manipulating people's overall quality of work. No matter what the processes are divided into simple and complex. But to for simple and complex are as treats, like on took simple of chassis machine Cabinet forming Qu Falai said: flat of sheet through appropriate of cutting formed folding bent check crack slot, in through bump tool of suppressed, formed various angle of folding bent surface, will all folding bent surrounding into different of box, seams used full welding, and welding, and angle welding or take side welding of method for connection, this is sheet metal gold chassis machine Cabinet processing most traditional of method.

Bending of sheet metal cabinet type: polygon, Groove, u, z, c-shape is asimple basic shape forming bending method. For complex processing of diestamping method must be used, and most traditional processing methods andprocesses can not be achieved, this requires manufacturing metal molds, byblanking, Blanking and forming die-stamping. Simple shape, small size of theCabinet at a time stamping; complex shape and volume of the box, can bedivided into several parts stamping, respectively, by welding or screwconnection, Assembly and other methods to achieve.