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what is the most important point in sheet metal fabrication?

Tony Guan Original 2015-06-11 11:42:41
        What is the most important point when making sheet metal fabrication parts? And which factor will affect the sheet metal fabrication parts quality? Now days, we would like to share some knowledge about sheet metal processing. I wish that it could offer you some help for sheet metal fabrication service.

        For sheet metal fabrication manufacture, general speaking, they will have the following equipment, such as: shielding machine, numerical punching machine, laser cutting machine, water cutting machine, combine machine, bending machine and some other machines: welding machine. Sheet metal fabrication is mainly for metal plate material, I take an example: change steel plate into door, cabinet, table, etc. The mainly processing way include shielding, cutting and bending, forming, welding, painting. Etc.

        The surface treatment is an very important step, it could proof rust, make parts smart and pretty. The main method covers: powder coated, painting.

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