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decorative sheet metal supplies and design manufacturing parts roofing 4x8 cutters

decorative sheet metal supplies and design manufacturing parts roofing 4x8 cutters

  • 1.Long term supplier of FASTAR, ALSTOM, , SANYO. SMA,DANTHERM etc..
  • 2.More than 300 sets of equipments (Laser Cutting, Stamping, Punching, Bending, Welding, etc.)
  • 3.All kinds of metal are available( stainless steel, iron ( SPCC, SECC, SPTE, tinplate), aluminum, brass, etc,)
  • 4.High quality control and  punctually delivery
  • 5.Owned quality products finishing line
Suzhou Houdry Mechanical And Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Sheetmetal fabrication service


Stainless steel, Steel,Iron(SPCC,SECC,SPTE,TINPLATE),Aluminum alloy,Copper,Brass,Bronze alloy,etc..

2.Workmanship for manufacturing

CNC lather cutting,Stamping,Punching,Bending,Turning,Welding,Roll-in,Surface treatment,and other general fabrication servise

3.Surface Treatment

Powder Coating,Black Anodized,painting,Hot-dip,Silkscreen,polishing and so on.

4.Quality control

ISO9001:2008 and EPR management systerm are strictly carried out,stable quality and on-time delivery have won trust and supports from our customer home and overseas.

5.OEM experienced

OEM service based on drawings or samples from our custom


We have own design team,our engineers can join in your projects design

Suzhou Houdry Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd


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