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Metal desk height adjustable computer workstation ergonomicsMetal desk height adjustable computer workstation ergonomicsMetal desk height adjustable computer workstation ergonomics

Metal desk height adjustable computer workstation ergonomics

  • Segment 3 segment
  • Dynamic Load (KG) 120
  • Static Load (KG) 140
  • Load Speed (mm/s) 30
  • Input (VAC) 110/220V can use
  • Output voltage DC 24V
  • Lowest Position without desktop 620mm
  • Highest Position without desktop 1270mm
  • Color Black, White, Gray or option
  • Adjustable Frame 1100-1600mm or option
  • Desktop Dimension (mm) 1600*800*25mm or option
  • Duty Cycle 10% max 2 min, continuous use
  • Tube Material Powder Painted Steel Tube
  • Function 4 memory position, Anti-collision
  • Certificate CE, UL
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Package Szie each set 1080*270*325mm
  • Gross Weight each set 45 KG

1. The A6 series height adjustable desk frames are specifically designed for use in ergonomic desks and work tables. It provides you with full movability: Create your furniture design in classic, elegant or high-tech style!


2.Using multiple lifting columns with compatible Control Boxes and controls, work surfaces can be controlled quietly and smoothly with synchronous movement.


3.The A6 series has a four part telescopic outer tube that enables more flexibility.All our products being test for over 20,000 times to make sure it being built safely and durable.


4.Our products offer customers the solutions they require to satisfy their working environment project requirements.


5.The frame is available in 3 classic colour: Black, Whit and Grey. Thanks for the flexible design, now you can also adjust the width of the deskframe to fit for different size of tabletops.


6.We also provide customisation service to our clients.

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