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Sheet Metal Fabrication
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 Houdry enjoy a good reputation of world-class sheet metal fabrication industry, we have complete precision equipment, directed through our advanced planning and scheduling system. Throughout our 12,000 square meters facility, these advanced processes and our lean systems give us the capability to meet our customers’ continually changing requirements.  

·Laser Cutting: Houdry has advanced laser cutting equipment with experienced machinist. There are 3 sets different types of Amada laser cutting machine, Its advantage is that, can cut a big plate thickness, cutting equipment and cutting costs are relatively cheap, pollution is small plasma cutting machine.Cutting material thickness up to 50mm. 

·Punch & Stamp: Houdry has has 10T-160T punch more than 40 units,Long men punching machine,high velocity ram machine, pneumatic punching machine...processing size 2-40mm,can fully meet the requirements of industry product processing size,special specifications can be customized.  
·Forming: Metal forming press is one of the most commonly used in manufacturing machines.advance equipment enables us to bend and form parts to the most exacting specifications with virtually no waste. 

·Welding:Houdry offers a full range of superior-quality welding services for both production welding and piece work, including robotic, mig, tig and spot welding. 

·Hardware:Precision hardware insertion equipment, including several automated Haeger insertion presses, fosters error-free production.

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